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About us

  • As a fast-growing high-tech enterprise that integrates research,manufacture and services,Mikrouna has been committed to develop innovative products for clients aroud the world.Mikrouna has taken the lead in developing HID lighting production line technology,which enables Mikrouna contributing significantly to modern Xenon HID Headlight mass manufacturing industry in china.

  • Mikrouna’s 60 engineers apply their expertise in a number of disciplines including mechanical,electronic chemical,physics,welding,instrument,vacuum technology,hydrodynamic,energetic,optical electronic and materials engineering. Mikrouna’s products include super purified Glove-box,Vacuum Deposition System,HID Lighting Production line,Auto Xenon HID Headlight,Auto LED Headlight,Ceramic Discharge Metal halide lamp(CDM),and matched electronic ballast, etc.

  • Mikrouna’s main products currently have a dominant domestic market share,and some products hace been exported to europe,Amerca and Asia.

  • Mikrouna has passed E1,DOT,ISO9001,TS16949,CE,EMARK and ROHS Certifications.

  • Mikrouna is Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), CE and ISO9001 certified.

  • Mikrouna ‘s products are Chinese High-Tech enterprise certified,and its HID lighting production line is state High-Tech products transformation certified.Mikrouna has been the qualified supplier for OSRAM after inspection and auditing.

  • Mikrouna has up tu date offered several large modern Auto Xenon HID Lighting Production lines respectively for Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co.,Limited(FSL),Guangdong Bright Cnlight&Electricity Co.,Limited.At the same time,Mikrouna has now two professionally modern lines operated specially for Auto Xenon HID Headlamp production and matched Electric Ballast manufacture,with a 4000 pieces daily production capability.

  • Mikrouna is one of the main suppliers Worldwide.

  • Mikrouna has nowadays established a reseatch and manufacture center in Beijing,a production factory in Shanghai and service centers respectively in Guangzhou,Xian,Wuhan and Changchun to support its continued growth.And Mikrouna is expected in the near future to set up its offices in Europe and America in order to deliver the high quality services around the world,which its customers have come to expect.

  • With its mission of “Achieving social goals through advancing technology ” Mikrouna will continue to innovate in product design improve product,qualitu strengthem communication with customers and enhance technical service all around the globe.

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