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Q: How to choose a glovebox?

A: Glovebox is a high-tech product which covers many disciplines such as mechanics, electronics control, vacuum physics, sealing, physics, chemistry, hydromechanics and so on, so it is difficult to produce and imitate. There are only few manufacturers across the world. Hence, it is very important to choose a cost-effective glovebox. Below is several key points in choosing:
1.Choose the good brand, but not some without brand name and new emerging one
2.To require the company providing at least 10 domestic customers; choose 3-4 customers to visit personally. It is important to see how the system runs. If they say that the machine is busy or the equipment is in Hong Kong or other places, you can judge that they are
3.Then inspect the producer’s factory. It will be unreliable if you only see some pictures, or several certifications but without professional equipment for machining, welding, leak detecting etc.
4.The purchase order and bidding document should be in accordance with:
♦ Control system and touch screen should be Siemens PLC or relevant products
♦ Vacuum pump should be Edwards orArcatel or Leybold
♦ Pipeline feedthrough: Legris
♦ Pressure meter: Halsrup
♦ Gloves: Northsafety( from USA)
♦ Glasses should be more than 8mm toughened glass
♦ Glove port: hard anodised aluminium
♦ Moisture analyser: It would be better to use the brand named (such as Xentaur) than the one produced by the glovebox manufacturer( possible to have deceived data)
♦ Oxygen analyzer: It would be better to use the brand named (such as Ionic, Teledyne and Densener) than the one produced by the glovebox manufacturer(which is possible to have deceived data)
♦ Standard glove box should have two automatic doors(φ360600) in the main antechamber and two manual doors(φ100300) in the mini antechamber
♦ Purifier should be marked clearly
♦ Circulation pump is imported from abroad.
♦ Whether it is manual valve or automatic valve should be marked.
♦ Housing is made of stainless steel 304.
♦ Pipeline should be made of stainless steel or steel which has been specially treated.
♦ Interface: At least four interfaces should be left for customers in order to connect with electricity or gas. 

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