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About us

“Mikrouna” is a German brand created through adhering to German Business Philosophies and German law.

Mikrouna’s Feature:
As a fast growing, high-tech enterprise that combines research, manufacturing and service, Mikrouna is committed to developing innovative products and attentive customer service for clients around the globe.

In 2000, Mikrouna was the first company to begin Research & Development, Sales and the manufacturing of Glove Boxes within China. Mikrouna was the third company following VAC and Mbraun to begin marketing Glove Boxes globally. This achievement set Mikrouna as the leading manufacturing in Asia.

Mikrouna currently has 60 engineers with expertise in such areas as mechanical, electronic chemical, physics, welding, instrument, vacuum technology, hydrodynamic, energetic, optical electronic and materials engineering.

Mikrouna has “State of the art” manufacturing equipment, as well as full “in house” capabilities.

Mikrouna is proud to own 35 technology patents and 2 government awards for “Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievement”

With its Research & Development Center in Shanghai and manufacturing facilities in the United States (Gloucester, Massachusetts), China (Shanghai and Hubei) as well as Sales & Service centers in Beiing, Guangzhou and Xian, Mikrouna will continue to establish more service centers in Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Changchun etc.

Mikrouna offers Super Purified Glove Boxes, Special Lighting Production lines, as well as Vacuum Deposition Systems. These products have been exported to Europe, America and Asia.

Mikrouna manufacturing standard: Strictly in accordance with the German Standard.

Mikrouna is Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), CE and ISO9001 certified

Mikrouna has already provided more than 4700 Glove Box units globally. In 2013 Mikrouna took over 80% absolute market share in China.

Mikrouna’s Mission Statement: “Achieving social goals through advancing technology.”

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